When the pressure of credit card debt began to affect her health, Sue Maben knew it was time to take action. Bills mounted up quickly whilst the Plymouth grandmother was caring for her ailing father. And when he passed away, she and live-in-carer Mike found it hard to make ends meet.

She said: “We were both on disability pension and struggled along for several years. But it became too much and threatened our already-not-too-good health.

“So in 2009 I got us into a debt management plan and also decided to budget with Park as it would be the best way to afford Christmas without any worries.

“I was a customer of another Agent over ten years ago and I remember how easy Christmas was, so I decided to do it for myself this time.”

The 65-year–old put away as much as she could afford – and placed an £800 order in her first year.

She said: “I budgeted for an Amazon gift card and bought myself a lovely new Toshiba laptop. Being disabled, I’m on enforced bed rest, so this allowed me to work from my bed-table.

“I now use it to manage my Account online. I place my order and log in to make payments every 4 weeks in line with my budget plan – it’s so easy.”

Sue also ordered Love2shop vouchers to buy presents for her six grandchildren. “They range from 12 months to 13 years-old,” she said. “I’m out of touch with what their likes and dislikes are, so they can buy what they want with vouchers.”

Since returning to Park, Sue has gradually regained control of the debts that were spiraling out of control.

She added: “Thank you so much for helping us to enjoy Christmas again without any worries – we’re already looking forward to next Christmas.

“In a couple more years we’ll be completely debt-free, so bless you all at Park!”