Join us today: Become a Park Agent in 2023

In this week’s blog, discover how you can help others create a magical Christmas by becoming a Park Agent.


19 January, 2023

Why plan with us?

At Park HQ, we’re all about Christmas – specifically planning for it. We want people to enjoy Christmas, without having to worry about the cost, by making saving simple. By putting a little aside each week or month, Park customers know by October Christmas is covered and they can dive into the festivities stress-free.

Through the year, Park keeps the money safe in a Trust Account – meaning it's protected should anything happen to the company. Whatever happens, saving for Christmas with Park gives you peace of mind.

There’s no hiding the fact everything is increasing in price, so saving over the course of the year with Park makes creating Christmas magic as easy as possible. As well as making sure money can’t be touched, the commission bonus for agents means your hard work won’t go unrewarded.

We cherish keeping our customers’ Christmas traditions alive, with over 400,000 people planning with us every year. For more than 50 years, Park has helped savvy-minded families up and down the country make festive memories that last a lifetime. To find out more about how Park can be a saving solution despite the increased cost of living, take a look at this article.

Join our community

Park Agents are part of an incredible community. They not only save for their own Christmas, but also help their customers plan for theirs. For many people, the idea of financial planning by themselves can be daunting – Park Agents offer support to help them stay focused on their savings goals and, if necessary, change them to better suit their situation. Becoming an agent has lots of perks too, with benefits including commission, exclusive promotions, offers and giveaways.

All in this together

The customers of Park Agents are usually people they know, such as friends, family and workmates, so you’re helping make Christmas special for your own community. There is nothing to stop you spreading the magic wider however – the more customers you have, the more people you’re helping make their Christmas celebrations amazing.

The down-low

What makes being a Park Agent so special, as well as some of the perks...

  • Pride. Is there anything more rewarding than seeing someone’s face light up after all your hard work?

  • Social life. Being an agent is the perfect excuse to run a coffee morning, or indulge in a cheeky wine evening.

  • Peace of mind. Not only is your own Christmas sorted, but you can rest easy knowing your nearest and dearest are just as prepped.

  • Commission reward. Earn commission on both your own order and customers’ too, extra dosh never going amiss.

  • Competitions. offers and giveaways. Exclusive for Park Agents, enjoy competitions, offers and giveaways with prizes from top high street names.

  • Awards. Top Agent Awards applaud the hard work of agents across the UK.

The good stuff

When you become an agent, you gain access to Park’s Agent Hub. There you’ll find loads of expert tips, testimonials and marketing templates you can personalise to help you spread the message. It exists to help our superstar agents gain more customers. Park and our agent community are keen to share our knowledge to ensure we’re delivering the best service. So, what are you waiting for?

Planning with Park means I can get really excited for Christmas! I can go without the anxiety of trying to find the money for gifts. Going Christmas shopping with my daughter is made better because I don't have to say I can't afford something she really wants.

Serena, Park Agent, Park Christmas Savings

I've been a Park Agent for 27 years, and the best thing is seeing my customers smile ear-to-ear when I hand them their vouchers. Planning with Park helps them save money for Christmas, making sure they're not tempted to touch it beforehand.

Sue, Park Agent, Park Christmas Savings