Cost of Living: Park Christmas Savings as a solution

Find out how you can be an early bird and prepare for Christmas 2023 with us.


5 October, 2022


Welcome to Park

Christmas still manages to sneak up on many of us. Before we know it, December is here, bringing with it the panic of getting everything sorted. Have the kids set their hearts on the most popular toy that’s flying off the shelves? Is the turkey recommended by the latest hotshot TV chef really good enough? Does buying your In-laws a gift fill you with dread? There are so many things to think about, which can send our stress levels skyrocketing – even after a mulled wine!

We all feel the pressure of providing our loved ones with the Christmas they deserve. According to statistics released by the Bank of England, families will spend an extra £150 on Christmas 2022. This also links to data showing households fork out £700 more in December compared to other months.

Keeping traditions alive is something Park Christmas Savings cherishes, that’s why we help over 400,000 people plan their big day every year. Even when times are tough, we’re all in this together to bring Christmas to life. Read on to discover how Park has made Christmas special for families across the UK down the years.

The story

For over 50 years, Park has helped savvy-minded families plan for the Christmas of their dreams. Founded in 1967 by Peter Johnson, Park started as way for people to pay for festive food hampers in manageable, weekly instalments – which would then be delivered to each home by bike. Johnson knew Christmas was a stressful time for many households and believing spreading the cost of Christmas would be appealing – an assumption that was quickly proved right.

Cut to the present day and Park is now the UK’s biggest Christmas savings club. We stock a massive range of gift cards and vouchers featuring our favourite names on the high street – think of all those brilliant choices! Since Park’s inception, we’ve been delighted to see loyal customers returning every year – it's become an institution for so many families.


Fly high with the early birds

New challenges brought on by the cost of living crisis and COVID-19 has made the past year a hard one. Park understands how difficult saving can be, especially when it comes to Christmas. Our early bird approach helps create beautiful memories that last for years, as nothing is more magical than seeing our loved ones happy on Christmas Day.


Why plan with us

Park is dedicated to helping our fabulous customers create the best Christmas. We’re experts at helping savers manage their Christmas fund, achieved by putting aside small amounts set individually on either a weekly or monthly basis. You’re in charge of your account – Park just lends a helping hand. Learn more about saving with us here.

We make the process simple...

  • Tailor your payments to what suits you, Park understands your situation could change at a moment’s notice.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of deciding exactly what gift cards and vouchers you want to receive.

  • Pay for your order in affordable weekly or monthly instalments. We offer different ways to pay, but Direct Debit is our top choice – it's easy!

  • Still want to know more? Head over to our nifty ‘How it works’ page for more information.


Park Agents, licensed to thrill

We love Christmas, but we adore our fabulous Park Agents – you're our extended family! Not only are they brilliant enough to save for their own Christmas, they also help their customers plan theirs too! Plus, they get lots of fantastic benefits.

Join in the festive spirit

Here are some of great benefits you can get by joining the Park family as an agent, learn more by clicking here.

  • Commission Reward. As well as earning commission on your own order, you also earn it on your customers’ orders too.

  • Agent Saver Rewards. Promotions and offers are available to reward Agents introducing new savers.

  • Exclusive retailer offers. These amazing details are specially negotiated for our agents to thank them for their hard work.

  • Exclusive competitions and giveaways. Who doesn’t love a competition? We have regular giveaways from our retail partners just for our Park Agents.

“Planning with Park means I can get really excited for Christmas! I can go shopping without the anxiety of trying to find the money for gifts. Going Christmas shopping with my daughter is made better because I don’t have to say I can’t afford something she really wants.”

Serena, Park Agent, Park Christmas Savings

“I don’t really miss the money going out each month when I save with Park, I’ve got used to managing it. The anticipation of what I can buy with my vouchers can’t be matched.”

Lynda, Park Agent, Park Christmas Savings