Learn from our Christmas planning champions

Learn from our Christmas planning champions.


12 January, 2023

Early Bird Park customers share expertise for Christmas 2023

Recently, you may have seen a series of articles featuring Park Christmas Savings customers reflecting on how joining Park has helped protect Christmas from the rising costs of living. 

We returned to those customers to ask them how they are preparing for Christmas 2023 – and for the next challenging 12 months. We think their insight provides amazing ideas to make Christmas 2023 both joyful and triumphant.  

The seasoned savvy saver

Mum Lesley Whitfield from the North East has been finding ingenious ways to make ends meet for quite some time. 

For the last five years she has been a Park customer, allowing her to guarantee Christmas for her family even when, during the pandemic in 2020, her husband lost his job.  

“I look for bargains whenever I can,” she said. “I’ve got stuff for next Christmas already from places like car boot sales.  

“Apart from my Park Christmas Savings I don’t save really as I don’t have any spare money after paying all the bills.” 

For Lesley, Christmas is the big family event of the year, so she’s become an Early Bird and already started her Christmas 2023 plan. 

“Park has helped me for over five years. You can have a look at the app after every payment you make to see how much you have saved up and how many more months you have to save before the deadline. 

“If you are struggling to make payments you can pay as much or as little as you want and can change the amount you’ve ordered which is really helpful next year if people are struggling.  

“I think the app is fab and as you’re paying it directly to Park you know your money is protected. It’s a stress-free way to prepare for next Christmas. 

The reluctant saver 

Jordan Wilson from the West Midlands told us he was not a ‘natural’ saver – he has a tendency to dip into any savings occasionally. 

But with Park he was able to successfully save for Christmas 2022 and he’s already placed his order for Christmas 2023.  

“The one piece of advice I'd give people who are worried about next year – and Christmas in particular - is just go and put an order in with Park,” he said. 

“Even for as little as £5 a week, by the end of October that's quite a substantial amount saved and it's great knowing your money is safe until you receive your order back.  

“Unlike a savings account you can't dip in and out of it when you like, which was my biggest weakness before I signed up. 

“I still pick up all the reduced sets of smellies in the January sales. But by October I know that everything is paid for and I can enjoy the season. 

The newbie

Christmas 2022 was the first time Shellby Ashley, from Yorkshire, had saved with Park. She was also lucky enough to win one of our 12 Months of Christmas prizes – a cool £1,000 – for reaching her monthly payment target. 

She’s become a real advocate for Park Christmas Savings, encouraging her friends and relatives to join and she too is a 2023 Early Bird, having started her savings for next year already. 

“I’ve even made my first payment towards it,” she said. “Next year I have increased my savings total from £400 to £550. It’s been a fantastic way to save for Christmas. 

“Everyone will feel the pinch next year, but we all want to enjoy Christmas. That’s why the flexibility is so good. If I decide to change my target to reduce my total then I can. It’s really easy.  

“I’ve referred my mum and a few of my friends who have children to Park, so they’re all putting money away now too, and love the way even small amounts build up over the year. It’s a big help, especially when you have kids to buy for.  

“The £10 incentive you get for everyone you refer is a great little bonus on top of what you save too.”  

The careful planner

Park customer Emma Anderson, from the East Midlands, joined after leaving a company that operated its own Christmas savings scheme. 

“It’s a great scheme,” she said. “I’ve recommended it online and to other mums I know. I tell them about how I was made redundant in 2020 because of the pandemic, but because of Park, Christmas was paid for and it stopped me having to use credit cards or loans. 

“It’s amazing to have Christmas all paid for by October. It takes a huge weight off my mind knowing that my little boy will always have a present to open.” 

But while the UK economy is making everyone think more carefully about Christmas 2023, Emma has it all figured out. 

“Christmas is definitely up there as one of our main priorities, family time is very important to us so holidays, Christmas and day trips are my top three for sure. 

“If money gets tighter in 2023, I’ll simply adjust my end goal with Park. This year I actually increased my monthly payments and end goal so I have wriggle room if things do continue to get worse financially.”  

The Park agent

Of course, many Park Christmas Savings customers put their money away through our network of amazing Park agents. 

These super-organised Christmas heroes help friends, family and their wider community stay on track with their plans and adjust them if necessary. 

In the West Midlands, Tania Leek has been an agent for more than 20 years. She admits that the rising cost of living is a concern, but says her customers typically put Christmas first for their families. 

“Christmas 2023 is a big worry with all the energy bills and such going up,” she said. “But that’s Park’s key message, breaking it down over a year means you don’t need to put much away each week or month to make sure Christmas is sorted. 

I’ve worked with my customers for a long time and I think they will stick with Park because Christmas is important to them and their families, and they see every year how Park makes Christmas so much easier for them.” 

The potential Park agent 

Over in the East Midlands, Park customer Debbie Framingham tells us she’s been considering becoming an agent for Christmas 2023 to help more people prepare the perfect Christmas. 

“I’m exploring becoming a Park agent, because I want to help other people to put money aside through the club too,” she said. “I’ve already got my mum into it – she’s an Early bird having started to put money away for next year, as have I.  

“I also have a friend who is a single mum with three boys, who’s signing up. It’s great to be able to take the stress out of Christmas for friends and family.  

“This Christmas was actually my first as a Park customer but it’s been fantastic. Christmas was a lot less stressful as I could get all my present shopping finished early and only had to get essential bits for the day in the week before which was a massive relief.” 

Join our Early Birds and get ready for Christmas 2023 

It’s great to hear how our customers are preparing for Christmas 2023 already! For them, it is a joyful season despite the challenges and they recognise it’s Park Christmas Savings who help them to do that.   

If you’re interested in making your Christmas this manageable too, join Park to get your Christmas 2023 preparations underway, visit www.getpark.co.uk today and sign up for free