Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Under £10

Park’s savings experts have created a brilliant list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas to help you treat the one you love without breaking the bank for 14th February.


6 February, 2024

Will you be our Valentine?

There will always be, let’s say, the ‘classic route’ into Valentines. Red roses, diamond rings and chocolates and smellies delivered in heart-shaped boxes and for some recipients, that will hit the er, sweet spot.

Aside from the obvious expense of some of these tokens of love, isn’t there another question that lovers need to ask themselves? How can I show how much I love them by getting them something they really, really want? And given the current economic climate, the caveat is: ‘within budget’.

Finding a more meaningful gift doesn’t have to cost the earth – small, affordable presents letting your loved ones appreciate that you ‘know them’ makes them valued and means so much more.

Made with love

Deciding to make our own gift has ‘love you’ written all over it – maybe even literally! The effort and time put into it shows how deep our feelings run, and the end result is completely unique. Not to wax poetic, but handmade gifts are a great metaphor for relationships – here’s a few ideas:

  • Scrapbook. Fill it with your favourite pictures, (extra points for adding notes about when and where the pics were taken).
  • Memory box. Another sentimental idea, include memories like concert ticket stubs, found trinkets, wristbands and other mementoes and present it as a marker for the relationship to this point.
  • Origami heart flower bouquet. Follow this simple origami tutorial to make a playful bouquet of paper hearts.
  • Word tile frame art. Jot down a sweet message, or put your names together to create a meaningful gift. Click here for an easy to follow YouTube tutorial.
  • Open when letters. Giving our sweetheart a series of letters to open throughout the year acts as a lovely reminder of the love we share.
  • Paper heart wreath. A cutesy decoration, it’s something we can keep up all year round. Here’s a guide on how to make one.
  • Create a hamper. Make-up a selection of your significant other’s favourite things in a personally gift-wrapped basket.
  • Bake a cake. Hard to go wrong with this one. Almost everyone has a favourite cake. Need a reliable recipe? Easily choose from: BBC Food’s cake recipes.
  • Free massage certificate. A bit cheeky, but if you’re looking for a creative way to get some alone-time then go for it. Seal the deal with a kiss and what happens next is up to you two.

Be mine

Memories last a lifetime but they don’t have to cost anything. Make a special breakfast, snuggle up for a film marathon, go somewhere new that’s not too far away, get the candles lit for well, whatever you fancy, really...

Time is something money can’t buy, but it’s the most valuable thing you can give.

Hugs and kisses

Park’s savings experts have created a brilliant list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas to help you treat the one you love without breaking the bank for 14th February

Be sweet

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