Four ways to make the best of your unwanted Christmas gifts

Here are four top tips on how to turn unwanted gifts into something you really want.


6 January, 2023

Four ways to make the best of your unwanted Christmas gifts

Gift-giving is a tricky thing to get right – especially at Christmas.

Some people are naturally good at it but many never quite hit the mark. Of course, when we open them we smile and thank them for their thought, but what can we do to make their ill-judged presents a success?

Here are four top tips on how to turn unwanted gifts into something you really want.

Money, money, money

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to make a little money. With sites like eBay and Facebook Marketplace you can list items at any price and find someone to buy them. With Facebook in particular, there are no seller fees and you can sell locally so there’s no postal cost too. So whether it’s a couple of quid for unwanted socks or a bit more for nice smellies that don’t really work for you, you can flip them into a little money to spend however you like.

Swap Shop

If your gift-giver knows they aren’t that good at buying for others, they may have included a gift receipt. These typically allow you to get either store credit or a swap in the retailer where the gift was bought. It’s a bit more restrictive than reselling, but you can ensure you get the full value of the gift and if the store has something else you really want, it may be your best option.

Kindness of strangers

For some of us, it’s not about money. We want the gift-giver to feel good and we want to spread that feeling around.

Finding local charities to donate to can be a great way of helping others. Even better if the charity you choose is close to your heart, and there are many organisations where even your smallest unwanted gifts can make a real difference to people’s lives.

Game the system

Some retailers – such as video game stores – will buy back certain items regardless of where they are bought to be sold on as ‘pre-owned’. Perhaps nan and grandad bought the little ones Kirby when they really wanted Mario Kart?

For video games and tech GAME is the leading outlet. Simply head down to your local store where you can exchange video games, consoles and accessories for cash or credit. You can then use that against a new game or grab a bargain in their pre-owned section!

Regardless of how you decide to deal with your unwanted gifts, remember that those who bought them for you did so with thought and love, if not quite the right insight. If they have a reputation for not quite getting it right, you could always suggest they get you a Love2shop gift card instead.

Able to be redeemed with more than 90 high street brands for anything from essentials to indulgent experiences to luxurious treats, Love2shop gift cards are the perfect antidote to unwanted gifts.

If you yourself worry about getting the right gifts, you can simply add Love2shop vouchers to your Park Christmas Savings order for 2023, pay for them in small, manageable amounts over the year and be confident that next Christmas is sorted!