Unwrapping Festive Memories With Park

Uncover timeless traditions and cherished memories that define our festive spirit. Join us in reliving Park's Christmas magic.


5 January, 2024

What is Park Christmas Savings?

Since its inception, Park Christmas Savings has been a part of the festive experience for many families. In this throwback journey, your friends at Park HQ delve into the rich history of the brand.

For those not in the know, or just in need of a friendly reminder, we help our customers save money throughout the year to help fund their Christmas expenses. This is through a special Christmas savings scheme that allows Park Savers to set aside a specific amount regularly, and in return, they receive vouchers or gift cards to use for Christmas shopping.

The main appeal of Park lies in helping families budget for Christmas spends in a structured and manageable way, spreading the financial cost over the course of the year. We aims to make Christmas more affordable and enjoyable for our customers by offering a convenient savings solution, and we've been doing so for over 50 years. Over 380,000 families have saved with Park, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.

  • The Purple Card: shop at over 140 retailers like Argos, Sainsbury's, and John Lewis, both in-store and online. It's chip and PIN secure, exclusively for Park Savers. Make Christmas 2024 Purple.
  • Love2shop Gift Cards: use them in-store at places like M&S, The Entertainer, and Iceland. Great as gifts, they let the receiver choose from various stores.
  • Love2shop Gift Vouchers: similar to Love2shop Gift Cards, these can be spent at over 100 major retailers, restaurants, and attractions, with 20,000+ locations.
  • Your Choice Gift Cards: shop anywhere accepting Mastercard, online or in-store, for exactly what you want.
  • Combi Cards: get the best of both worlds – high street and online retailers in one card.
  • Park Christmas Gift Hampers: check out our new range of Christmas hampers for festive treats. Perfect for gifting – explore the selection today.

Highlights of Park's Christmas Tale

Here's a recap of Park's history spanning, over 50 years:

  • 1960s: founded in 1969, Park Christmas Savings is the brain child of businessman Peter Johnson. The son of a butcher, Johnson expanded his family's butchery into a Christmas Savings Club. He would personally deliver hampers of meat to customers, beginning the tradition of Park Christmas Hampers. The idea of paying for Christmas in advance appealed to many families who would have otherwise struggled to afford their luxuries.
  • 1970/80s/90s: Park continued to gain popularity during this decade by offering innovative ways for people to set aside money for the holiday season, reducing Christmas stress for families across the nation. As Park's reputation grew, so did its reach - families across the UK decided to save with us.
  • 2000s: in response to changing needs, Park introduced a wide range of gift cards and vouchers, as well as their much loved hampers. This move allowed Park Savers to access a broader selection of products and services from some of the UK's most popular high street names. Big names such as Coleen Nolan and Claire Sweeney front campaigns as the faces of the brand.
  • Present day: today, Park Christmas Savings is the UK's largest, oldest and most trusted Christmas Savings club. Paying for Christmas in small amounts throughout the year instead of one big lump sum at the end was as popular five decades ago as it is today.

Check out our reel of past adverts:

Here's our latest add for Christmas 2024:

Putting aside a small amount every week will take you and your family one step closer to a brilliant Christmas 2024. Pay in £10 or £20 a week over 50 weeks and you’ll have £500 or £1,000 to spend on presents – no stress, no debts. The best time to start saving is always now, so be an early bird and reap the benefits next year.

To enjoy a stress-free Christmas 2024, visit our easy sign up page. or call 03457 678933 to find out more.