Top tips for post-Christmas organisation

In our latest blog, we explore the best ways to clear up post-Christmas clutter, as well as how to prepare for next year.


10 January, 2023

Done and dusted

With another Christmas boxed off, now it’s time to put everything away until December next rolls around. That’s easier said than done, as undoubtedly we all feel a bit overwhelmed by clearing up all things festive – post-Christmas organisation can seem like a mammoth task. The best way to start is by getting stuck in, things will be sorted before we know it. This week’s blog offers a lending hand with top tips, as well as how to get ahead for next year.

Think savvy by getting ahead

Look to the future by putting decorations away in a proper fashion. Untangle those Christmas lights. Put the baubles in their container boxes. Cover the wreath to prevent it from looking dishevelled. Don’t chuck things in the attic willy-nilly. All these steps will prevent ourselves from lamenting in 12 months’ time, so don’t take short cuts when it comes to organising.

Spring cleaning comes early

We shouldn’t wait until the warmer weather to get stuck into the big clean. It’s a sure-fire way to declutter, as we always find something in need of binning (looking at you, out of date tins hidden in the back of the cupboard). Given the fact we’ll get new things for Christmas, throwing out whatever is surplus means we’ll have more room for our goodies.

Our top tips

We’ve compiled a list of our favourite life hacks to make our post-Christmas lives a bit less havoc.

  • No procrastination. Getting things over and done with means we’re holding ourselves accountable, not leaving our chores to go by the wayside.

  • Decide on what we’re doing with Christmas. If we don’t have an emotional connection to cards, then we should toss them out – do we really need to spare cards from 20 years ago?

  • Invest in quality storage. We know it’s easy to use cardboard boxes, but swapping them out for plastic tubs means decorations are more secure. Just make sure to buy the right size to fit into the allocated space.

  • Label everything. Next year we’re not going to be rooting through box after box until our hair falls out. A sharpie pen should do the trick, or put a label maker to good use.

  • Get rid of packaging. It takes up more space, plus if we put everything away in an orderly style there’s no need for it. Recycle as much as possible, though.

  • Stay positive. Thinking reflectively by acknowledging the great Christmas we had helps prevent cleaning burnout, as not everyone has the zeal of Mrs. Hinch when it comes to tidying up.

And wait, there's more...

You might’ve heard Park HQ go on about Early Birds, but we’re not about to stop now. The start of January is a fab time to get ready for Christmas 2024, as lots of festive stock will be on sale for clearance. In most instances, the best deals will be in-store – you can still snap up bargains online. Below is a checklist of what to pick up for next year.

  • Wrapping paper. Can you ever have too much of the stuff? M&S are a top pick, as their designs are forever a treat.
  • Christmas cards. It’s always a good idea to have some in, so try a card shop for a selection.
  • Stocking fillers. There are some steals leftover, so pick them up in advance from a retailer like Amazon – who have an entire Christmas clearance section on their website.
  • Ornaments. They’re not always cheap off the bat, so sales are a great time to pick up an ornament we’ve had our eye on. John Lewis is a choice, their deccies are always a feast for the eyes.
  • Stamps and batteries. Miscellaneous items, but ones easily forgotten – keeping some tucked away is a shrewd move indeed.