How to decorate achristmas tree main

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Learn how to decorate a Christmas tree like a professional.


8 December, 2023

How to decorate achristmas tree main

One of the best things about the festive period is making sure our home reflects the Christmas spirit. Every family has traditions, leading to every home being unique when it comes to decorations.  Decorating the tree is arguably the biggest task of all, and we all have different opinions on how it should look. Some people prefer the traditional route, preferring their Christmas tree to be adorned with a swath of red ribbon. Others go for a bolder approach, choosing to forgo the typical in favour of quirky designs.

In many high street stores, there’s a wide selection of Christmas tree decorations to pick and choose from. So many it can feel rather overwhelming to decide on what to buy. Then, once we’re home, the real task begins. How do we dress our tree? Is there a correct way to position lights? Have we bought one too many baubles? These questions can leave the best of us stumped, to the point we put off setting up the tree. But fear not, in this article, we’re going to explore how to decorate a Christmas tree. Park HQ are going to keep things simple, as at the end of the day, putting up the Christmas tree is meant to be an enjoyable experience.

How to decorate a Christmas tree professionally

No matter if we decide to go for a real or an artificial tree, we can make things easier by thinking about the following points:

Start with a theme

When it comes to professionally-decorated trees, they all have one thing in common; a theme. Ensuring our tree has a general vibe helps keep everything tied together. We suggest focusing on a specific colour palette, type of ornament, or even an interest of ours. There are plenty of online resources that we can scour for inspiration, such as Pinterest. By the time we come to decorate our tree, we’ll have a whole host of ideas to help us along.

Pick out ornaments

To decide on the type of baubles to use, we should consider a colour scheme. Why not go for a colour clash of vibrant tones, reminiscent of a rainbow? A bold choice, but one such to bring to joy to the world. Green and red is a classic combo, and for good reason; the two shades complement each other. Pink is another eye-catching choice, sure to add a fabulous flair to any home. Quiet Luxury is one of 2023’s biggest trends, so this minimal aesthetic is a must for any lover of neutral, understated palettes.

Fluff the tree

Yes, this is a thing. Fluffing the tree seems like a monotonous job, but it’s an essential chore if we’re wanting to be like the professionals. Our tree should look lush, as lifelike as possible. Some trees come pre-fluffed, so if we want to save on time, they’re the way to go.

String the lights

Lights can be a divisive choice, as they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. Still, before we start stringing them up, the first course of action is making sure they work. Once we’ve checked they’re in working order, start at the bottom of the tree; working our way upwards by weaving around the branches. Many trees come pre-lit, so again, this helps save on time.

Assign sections

Do you remember that episode of Friends, when Monica made sure her section of the tree was on show? Ever the perfectionist, everyone’s favourite cleanaholic wanted the best side on show. Professionals split trees into three sections (top, middle, and bottom), and each part is styled to work in tandem.

Think about depth

We can create an optical illusion of sorts if we layer different sized baubles. The trick is, begin with larger ones; tucking them into the branches of the tree to create depth. Clusters of ornaments provide a seamless finish.

Use ribbon

A ribbon is a must if we’re wanting to decorate like a professional. Wired ribbon works best, as it’s easier to shape; making the styling process a treat. Layering two different types of ribbon helps create texture. Finish off the look by twisting the ends.

Fill in the gaps:

 Sparse Christmas trees are sad to look at. Utilise Christmas tree picks, as well as sprays, to fill in any empty areas. For a nature appeal, why not go for the likes of berries, flowers, and pinecones? Diamonds and pearls are also a way to go, especially if we’re wanting to be a little bougie.

Be different

Even if we’re using a reference photo, there’s no need in copying it down to the last bauble. The whole point of decorating a Christmas tree is making it special, and most importantly, establishing traditions for the entire family. That’s what Christmas is all about, cherishing the time spent with loved ones.

Choose a tree topper

Be it a star or angel, whatever topper we choose pulls together the entire Christmas tree. It’s meant to be the crowning aspect.

Add a skirt or collar

for the finishing touch, a Christmas tree skirt (or the increasingly popular collar) wraps around the base to create a layer of festive magic. This look really helps pull the entire thing together.

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