Countdown to Christmas 2023

Countdown to Christmas 2023 with our magical blog, filled with festive tips and inspiration to make this holiday season the most special yet!


27 November, 2023

Your ultimate festive planner

As the festive season draws near, join us at Park HQ for a merry journey of Christmas preparations. We'll be sharing hints, tips, and ideas to transform this December into a winter wonderland. Our team will guide you every step of the way, helping you craft unforgettable, and stress-free, Christmas memories.

4 weeks to go

  • Make any travel arrangements/book tickets if you’re going away – advance rail fares can be booked 12 weeks ahead of travel but may sell out.
  • Make a list of the food and drink you’ll want and pin it up somewhere handy to add to it, or get started on the online list.
  • If you haven’t bought them already, buy your Christmas cards at a charity shop or at Or trim your budget and instead of sending cards this year, send a message to friends letting them know you’re thinking of them by making a small donation to charity.
  • Book your hairdresser and mani appointments – slots will be filling up fast!

3 weeks to go

  • Make all your socialising plans and pop them on the calendar so everyone can see at a glance who’s doing what, when – from parties to sleepovers. You don’t want to miss a minute of the fun times ahead.
  • Clear out the fridge so it’s ready for the big shop. A cheap way to clean it is to use a sponge and 2tsp of bicarbonate of soda in water.
  • Do an inventory of what you’ll need, from glasses, plates and cutlery to extra chairs. If needed, ask neighbours if you can borrow these to save costs.
  • Start wrapping… go for eco chic and use old newspapers or magazines as wrapping paper.

2 weeks to go

  • Send your cards/presents – the last posting dates are 18 December for second class and 20 December for first class and parcels.
  • Check stocks of easily overlooked essentials – paracetamol, antacids, loo rolls, batteries, washing-up liquid – and finalise the big shopping list.
  • Welcome to the house of fun… Organise the big declutter and tidy – get all the family involved and line up a reward, like homemade popcorn and your favourite Christmas movie.
  • If you’ve got an outing to the panto planned, get the sweet treats from the supermarket rather than buying more expensive ones at the venue.

1 week to go

  • Getting the big shop put away can be a mammoth task. If cupboards are filling up in the kitchen and you’ve got outdoor space, use it for non-perishables and root veg.
  • Plan meal timings to help everything run like clockwork. Allocate each family member a responsibility, from veg prep to pouring drinks – it’ll help prevent squabbles or resentments and make them feel good.
  • Make a festive music playlist and decide among you how the big day will unfold – check to see what’s unmissable on TV, who wants to watch the King’s speech, which games you want to play, etc.
  • Relax, smile and enjoy – you’ve got this!

Small steps, big wins

Putting aside a small amount every week will take you and your family one step closer to a brilliant Christmas 2023. Pay in £10 or £20 a week over 50 weeks and you’ll have £500 or £1,000 to spend on presents – no stress, no debts. The best time to start saving is always now, so be an early bird and reap the benefits next year.

To enjoy a stress-free Christmas 2023, go to or call 03457 678933 to find out more.