Christmas Gifts

Christmas 2023: gift ideas from our favourite retailers

With Christmas just around the corner, make things a little easier by checking out Park’s gift guide for 2023.


14 December, 2023

Christmas Gifts

We're here to gift up your spirits

All items listed below are available and priced at the published price at the time of this article going live. We only suggest products we believe are good value for money, but these are not recommendations on the back of trying and testing. 

As Christmas experts, let us help you with some thoughtful present ideas to get your family, friends and loved ones beaming from ear-to-ear. All items are available to buy on the Love2shop Gift Card range or Purple Card. (If you sign up as a new customer, some shops offer a code for a first purchase discount.)

Step right up, jingle file

Think about what people actually need, especially considering everything that’s going on with the cost of living. Treats are still very much needed and welcomed but is there a practical item that they may relish more right now? Don’t be afraid to ask people what they want. What do they need? Treats are still very much needed and welcomed but is there a practical item they may relish more right now? Don’t be afraid to ask people what they want

Now is the time to avoid ‘gift-typing’, which is gifting our loved ones with the same kind of things over and over. Take loved-up cat owners, for example they love their cat(s) but do they want their home adorned with cat-related stuff? Swap the idea of momentarily ‘amusing’ your giftee with a more meaningful present this year … let’s not add to rising levels on landfill, generating more dust – and don’t charity shops have enough?

For him: £8

Indulge in luxury with this M&S shower set. Effortlessly cleanse and refresh with three enchanting fragrances for an exquisite daily pampering experience.

For him: £15

These cosy crew socks blend comfort with style, adorned with classic 3-Stripes. Plus, they're eco-friendly, spreading holiday cheer sustainably

For him: £40

Embrace winter vibes with these snug slippers. Perfect for chilly mornings and nights spent on the sofa, slip into warmth and style effortlessly.

For her: £8.99

Organise with elegance! This purple velvet jewellery box, adorned with 'Love' embroidery, features a heart shape and multiple compartments.

For her: £16

Beautifully handcrafted in Derbyshire, England, this dainty mug showcases clean lines, a modern aesthetic, and an all-over gold star decoration for a touch of elegance.

For her: £37

Infused with cherry blossom, this shower gel gift set delivers floral fruity bliss, embodying the essence of a delightful and refreshing bathing experience.

For teens: £5.99

Infuse serenity into someone's life with this desktop bonsai tree. Cultivate a own miniature masterpiece, embracing tranquillity with each patient moment of growth.

For teens: £16

Start and finish your day with The Daily Set by The Ordinary, showcasing a trio of essentials for maintaining clean, hydrated, and healthy skin; a perfect regimen to combat breakouts.

For teens: £24.99

This gaming headset illuminates gaming experiences, and is compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and even mobiles. Lightweight in design, the headset boasts soft-foam cushions, flexible mic, and in-line controls provide comfort and convenience.

For kids: £6

Help your little one celebrate Christmas Eve with this special hamper! Discover socks, a mug, topper, stirrer, hot chocolate mix, gingerbread mug hugger, and candy canes for the perfect festive celebration.

For kids: £17

2-in-1 Monopoly Junior, a game that grows with your child! Level 1, catered to ages 4-5, focuses on matching and counting, while Level 2, for ages 6+, introduces reading and simple math. Have fun whilst learning!

For kids: £35

Crocs; the perfect blend of comfort and fun for little feet! Crafted with lightweight, durable material, provide all-day support. They also come in a range of colours.