Share your kids’ Tiny Tales of Christmas with Park for a chance to win!

We do so much to help Santa make Christmas special for our children but how do they see it? Our brand new competition gives your kids the chance to share how we make the festive season magical for them. The best stories will win a boost of up to £140 for their Park Christmas Savings 2023 account!


6 February, 2023

Their chance to say thank you

Christmas is the season of joy, exchanging gifts and spending quality time with our loved ones. Our children know that as parents or guardians we help Santa a lot – he’s so busy! But if we ask them how we help, what would they say? Do they see all the work that goes on for Christmas dinner, the planning to get family experiences booked? All those warm memories of Christmas we have from our own childhood were thanks to the efforts of our parents.

This year, Park Christmas Savings has launched a brand new Christmas competition helping kids celebrate those parents, carers and guardians who make magic! We want you to ask your children to express how you help Santa create your family Christmas in one of five categories.

If your kids are 12 or under, they can film a short video, record a voice note, write a short story create an artwork or pen a poem all about last Christmas to enter.

Winners can enjoy a £20 monthly top-up for SEVEN months amounting to £140, which will be deposited into accounts in October ready for Christmas spends. Similarly, runners-up will receive a free £15 monthly top-up for SEVEN months, seeing £105 going into accounts in October. Enter the competition by clicking here.

If you want to enter but don’t currently have a Park account, it’s FREE to get started, so click here to join. Once you’ve signed up and made your first payment, you’re eligible to enter with your account number.

What's up for grabs

For many people, putting money aside for Christmas can be stressful, especially as the cost of living continues to rise. At Park, we take that seriously as we help our savers manage their goals and take the pressure off preparing for Christmas. At the moment, there are more than 400,000 families save for Christmas with our support and more joining every day.

Make flexible payments into a secure account held in Trust – so your funds are protected – and when November comes round, you needn’t worry about how you’re going to pay for Christmas. The money you’ve put aside comes back to you in gift cards giving you access to some of the high street’s biggest names, so every aspect of organising the Big Day is totally covered.

Our Tiny Tales of Christmas competition gives you the chance to win an extra top-up for your account. With the winner of each category receiving £140 in their account – and runners-up winning an extra £105 – it’s a great way to get started for Christmas 2023.

Time to get merry with it

Want to give your kids some inspiration to help them create their Tiny Tales of Christmas entry? Here are some ideas to get their creativity flowing!

  • Draw a festive scene close to your heart. Uncap the felt tips, pop open the craft glue and sharpen the coloured pencils to doodle a fond memory.

  • Sing a Christmas-inspired song. You could even change the words of your favourite Christmas carols or chart hits – anyone fancy a rendition of ‘All I want for Christmas is Park’?

  • Write a jolly poem. Who doesn’t enjoy a cheeky limerick? Something like this: There was a young mum from Lanark; For whom Christmas looked a bit stark; But she’s started to plan; Puts aside what she can; Now she’s helping out Santa with Park.

  • Tell your best ‘This happened one Christmas’ story: Every child has seen something that tickles them happen at Christmas – and usually it’s funnier when they tell their version of events!

  • Explain your favourite family tradition: Not all families have the same traditions – share what makes yours unique.